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Additional Testimonials


"The entire experience was better than anticipated.  I had very little pain after surgery. I cannot say enough of how professional, thoughtful, and kind everyone has been to me and my family.  I would highly recommend Dr. Kersten to anyone who would have to have rotator cuff surgery. My surgery and recovery has proceeded as Dr. Kersten told me before I had the surgery.  Dr. Kersten is a wonderful, skilled surgeon."

Kathy, Asheville, NC

"Dr. Kersten and his staff are a great group of people, which I also felt like I knew on a personal level as well.  This is because they have great communication skills and stay in contact from 1st appointment after agreeing to surgery until at least 3 months after.  I have had two shoulder replacements and would highly recommend Dr. Kersten. Also keep in mind that I am 86yo and came through both operations with very effective outcomes:  pain free, increased motion, and feeling that my quality of life is much better. Dr. Kersten has great bedside manner and his staff made sure I was prepared for the operation.  Kim was very attentive to my needs and I am highly impressed with every encounter on phone or in person. Great group of professionals.

Joel, Hendersonville, NC

"We have been so pleased with Dr. Kersten and the shoulder replacement.  The injury itself was traumatic, but the kind, compassionate care truly made the difference.  Thanks so much to everyone at Southeastern Sports Medicine.

Marie, Hendersonville, NC

"My son had three tears in his meniscus.  Before the surgery I was worried and hesitant.  Dr. Kersten answered all my questions, explained the procedure and possible outcomes.  After the surgery Dr. Kersten called. I can't say enough about the friendliness of his staff.  Dr. Kersten has been very caring and wonderful. Thank you for all you've done for our family and getting my son back into shape."

Marilena, Asheville, NC

"My shoulder replacement has been a great experience.  I was kept informed, educated, and made aware of what to expect and what to do."

Wayne, Asheville, NC

"This experience has more than exceeded my expectations.  This day and age it's unusual to find such personalized and efficient medical care.  Thank you so very much . I will continue to recommend your office and the hospital to others."

Sally, Waynesville, NC

"My experience has been exceptional, right from the beginning.  Coming from Florida where everything from wait times to poor customer service is the norm--I have been so pleased with this entire experience.  Makes me happy we moved up here."

James, Waynesville, NC

"I feel like a tremendous amount of attention has been given to my care, personal well being, and treatment throughout my procedure.  I have been comforted by a very supportive staff and surgeon throughout this procedure that I feel have made my health priority number one."

Nathan, Waynesville, NC

" Dr. Kersten and his team are super fabulous.  After a year of being in pain, Dr. Kersten listened, understood, and corrected my son's issue.  I highly recommend him."

Pamela, Burnsville, NC

"The whole experience was positive.  Dr. Kersten is awesome; he took care of me and my knee pain.  His staff is wonderful, kind, even past hours they are there if needed.  I can't say enough good things about Dr. Kersten & staff."

Lori, Asheville, NC

"Hopefully I will never need another shoulder surgery, but if I do, I will be back.  Dr. Kersten, you are excellent! Physical therapy at Southeastern was such a great experience!"

Connie, Waynesville, NC

"I was worried when I came in, never having been here before, but I was immediately put at ease.  The staff & Dr. Kersten were fantastic. I have told numerous people to come here for treatment."

Kristin, Asheville, NC

"Impressed with my overall experience at Southeastern Sports Medicine.  Very impressed with overall office visits. Did not wait long for name to be called and received friendly service from the staff.  Dr. Kersten was very informative and professional throughout while making me feel comfortable during the process."

Brian, Asheville, NC

"I'm very impressed with Southeastern Sports Medicine, wonderful people to be around.  Dr. Kersten was awesome! The best thing is being treated like a person instead of a number on the screen."

Maewanda, Waynesville, NC

"Wow everything was very exceptional from scheduling my shoulder replacement to meeting with anesthesiologist to going into surgery and out.  Kim and Dr. Kersten are wonderful. They both made my surgery pleasurable with no surprises. They ensured everything transitioned the way it should.  Amazing group of people!"

Joel, Hendersonville, NC

"Dr. Kersten & Dr. Phelps are awesome and their PA's went out of their way to make the surgery a positive experience.  This is not our first experience with SESM. The doctors, physical therapy staff and the rest of the group are truly great to work with.  They really work hard to put patient care and recovery a priority."

Cullen, Asheville, NC

"The prospect of a surgery is not an exciting one.  SESM has made this an experience that was as good as it could be.  I have been so grateful for the high standard of care and the high quality of staff.  Thank you so much!"

Deborah, Asheville, NC

"Best experience I've had with any surgery since 1999.  Dr. Kersten is super swell as everyone at Southeastern. Keep it up!"

Donald, Asheville, NC

"I have never been in any physician environment where there is more efficiency and respect of time!"

Paula, Hendersonville, NC

"I was very impressed from the first consultation visit through all the pre-op and ultimately the surgery.  My recovery time was short and right on the money as to what Dr. Kersten had discussed with me. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Kersten and had a very good experience with all involved."

Brian, Leicester, NC

"Dr. Kersten explained the surgical procedure in terms I could understand and answered every question.  I'm very pleased with the surgery and care I received. Dr. Kersten's knowledge and wisdom are a blessing and highly valued by me."  

Beverly, Hendersonville, NC

"I like Dr. Kersten's hands on approach and personal follow-up of surgery.  I always felt like my shoulder and recovery were a priority."

Margaret, Davidson, NC

"Very professional and friendly staff.  Every question was not only answered but explained in detail.  All my pain is gone and I am very impressed with the staff; everyone I have had contact with has been great.  Much better experience than I expected."

Kevin, Brevard, NC

"This has been a great experience.  I am very pleased with the office staff and Dr. Kersten; he has helped immensely and I wish he would have done my two prior surgeries."

Andrew, Asheville, NC

"It was very nice to get informed about the procedure and also to be treated with respect.  Thanks and I'm feeling much better now."

Andre, Asheville, NC

"My office experience was always pleasant:  every one of the staff members and the physician were courteous and caring.  I felt like a family member coming in for surgery and was treated as such."

Gloria, Asheville, NC

"I was completely satisfied with Dr. Kersten, Kim, and the hospital during my shoulder replacement.  I can now use my arm completely, and have recommended Dr. Kersten to a friend with shoulder problems."

Stephen, Hendersonville, NC

"Very professional.  Enjoyed the office staff as well as Dr. Kersten.  Always felt informed and at no point did I feel worried or overwhelmed."

Phillip, Asheville, NC

"Great staff and Dr. Kersten is the best doctor I have ever dealt with; would recommend to anyone."

Gerald, Hendersonville, NC

"My daughter-in-law researched doctors for me after my accident and felt Dr. Kersten would be my best option.  My surgery went well and my follow up appointments have been prompt, informative, and the people are great to work with.  I would recommend Dr. Kersten and Southeastern Sports Medicine to anyone and have already."

Catherine, Waynesville, NC

"Dr. Kersten made me feel calm and completely safe in his care.  The facility and all staff are professional as well as friendly and approachable.  I would recommend Dr. Kersten as well as SESM."

Michelle, Asheville, NC

"I believe this to be the best treatment I have ever received out of all my injuries in life.  I am very pleased, thank you so much!"

Jeff, Asheville, NC

"Dr. Kersten was very specific and thorough in explaining the surgical process from start to finish which made our decisions quite easy.  We commend the entire staff at Southeastern Sports Medicine and we would not recommend going anywhere else for any surgical or therapy needs."

Tanner, Canton, NC

"I am totally impressed with the professional and personal level of the doctor and the employees that I have encountered during my surgery."

Gary, Asheville, NC

"I requested Southeastern Sports for a reason and my expectations have been exceeded.  Awesome doctor and staff."

Marty, Waynesville, NC

"A very professional job done by very professional people.  Southeastern handled my case with courtesy and care."

Patrick, Black Mountain, NC

"Very impressed with Dr. Kersten, his staff (Kim) and the hospital.  Excellent Job. Will definitely recommend Dr. Kersten to anyone who needs surgery."

Lisa, Waynesville, NC

"This whole experience starting with my injury; initial visit to post surgical visits has been as pleasurable as can be.  I recommend Dr. Kersten and Southeastern Sports Med to all I meet with sports injuries."

Margo, Sylva, NC

"Dr. Kersten was great and very compassionate for my son's well being.  We were pleased with everyone involved in his care, they eased his nerves and talked him into calmness as this was his first surgery."

Trey, Hendersonville, NC

"I'm happy my ACL was fixed and is getting better.  My leg looks good and is getting back to its old ways.  Thank you so much for helping me Dr. Kersten."

Misty, Waynesville, NC

"Extremely happy with overall experience--entire process was efficient and professional."

Robert, Hendersonville, NC

"Dr. Kersten did a wonderful job on both knees, I felt I was in good hands.  I would recommend Dr. Kersten and staff for any surgery in which they specialize."  

Rita, Hayesville, NC

"Dr. Kersten was wonderful explaining everything to us.  Surgery went as well as expected, we had full trust in Dr. Kersten.  Dr. Kersten really listened to all our concerns and explained all options to us."

Phillip, Hendersonville, NC

"Everyone has been amazing.  So pleased with what Dr. Kersten did with the repair.  All staff has gone above and beyond. Dr. Kersten is a remarkable surgeon and is so nice."

Monica, Hendersonville, NC

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