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Orthopedics & Covid-19

A quick post to help one decide if they would need urgent evaluation of an orthopedic issue during the current quarantine climate
Apr 5th, 2020

So I dislocated my what?

The risk of redislocation after a first time dislocation is very high for most athletes, and surgical treatment has become a more common option in recent years.
Mar 2nd, 2020
Stem-less Total Shoulder Replacement

All I want for Christmas is a new…Shoulder?

As the incidence of shoulder arthritis rises, the numbers of shoulder replacements performed is increasing as well. Before committing to a major operation, make sure you are aware of the current technologies available.
Dec 15th, 2019

Hey Doc: Is CrossFit Safe?

Patients often inquire about various sports and their long term "safety." Given the rise in popularity of CrossFit, this blog addresses common injuries in the sport, as well as the injury risks associated with regular participation.
Sep 3rd, 2019